I am focusing on theme-oriented ideas, not on painting techniques in the first place; nor am I interested in pure decorative results. It's about psychological themes and/or meditation; what is behind a facade? Or, how can I reach the viewer's emotions by using certain colors or compositions?

I am mainly self-taught and walk my way.


"Inner Balance" and "Empathy"  are my subjects and so are the inner processes of the human condition. Over the time certain symbols surfaced which I use as language tools like:

Loops (connections, relationships, net or entanglement of relationships)

Gray loops on Black (the opacity of social interactions)

Circle with dot in center (spirit)

The open Bowl (soul)

Leaves (inner growth)

Sanded layers of paint (inner processes of self-awareness)

Butterfly( transformation).


Also large parts covered with a single color serve as a language. While warm colors like Red (alertness, awareness), Yellow (life force) or Orange (creativity) mainly stand for all aspects of 'strength', blue-ish colors point into the spiritual direction and 'Black' to the unknown.









Born in W-Germany.


After a time of organizing exhibitions and archiving lithographic prints such as Kaethe Kollwitz´s lithographic prints, prints bei Gabriele Münter or Rembrandt edgings, studying Educational Sciences and art semesters at the universities Essen and Münster, Germany; including an auditorium scholarly debate with Joseph Beuys as one of several highlights.

Many trips to museums and galleries in European cities and Israel and to events like the DOCUMENTA in Kassel as well as participating in additional intensifying workshops in lithographic printing, nude and water color techniques.

Sold many water color paintings regularly to an art dealer in order to partly finance her academical training.


1983 -  M.A in Educational Sciences from the Westf. Wilhems University, Muenster, Germany


1985 - 1997: private and public commissions, exhibitions, sales and publications before emigrating with her young family to



1993 - member of the Berufsverband Bildender Kuenstler Westf. e.V. (BBK), Germany

           ( Association of Professional Artists - The Plastic Arts); still actively participating in BBK exhibitions.


2010 - 2015  AFCA  member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver.

2010 - Elected Member of the Society of Canadian Artists, Toronto, Canada.


Many national and international juried group shows as well as solo exhibitions and commissions.


Lives and works in British Columbia, Canada.

Paintings have been sold to ( selection): Berlin, Frankfurt, Dresden, Amsterdam,

London, Jacksonville(Florida), NY/Manhattan, Chicago, Calgary, Victoria(BC, Canada)


Other Notes:

Curator experience.

Author of the children's book "Of Bears at Fridges, Drinking Planes and Cinderella's Shoe" ( see BLOG)






Association of Professional Artists - The Plastic Arts ( Berufsverband Bildender Kuenstler Westf. e.V = BBK ), Germany

Society of Canadian Artists, Toronto, Canada

CV Writers Society, Canada




AWARDS and Wins ::

 2008   "Eureka" was chosen for the Saatchi online gallery TOP TEN of the week, Sept 1 - 7, 2008,  by

            Rebecca Wilson, London

 2009   OPUS Bronce Award / Art Visions, Kelowna, BC/Canada

 2009   Award of Excellence / FCA, Vancouver , Canada

2013   Won - three large paintings for the permanent online exhibition "Vulnerability vs Strength",  LINUS gallery,  

           Pasadena, California

2021  CANADA BOOK AWARDS for  "Of Bears at Fridges, Drinking Planes and Cinderella's Shoe".






"To be absolutely free to create without fear and formula heartens the soul
and opens the path to the joy of living."

-- Cesar Manrique --