" You will not find a typical style in my works although I once was told that one could recognize my "handwriting".

I prefer and experiment with abstract painting coming with its subconscious spontaneity or with a certain meditative focus. I love minimalism, reaching out to it. It depends.

When it is about a theme, there is a main subject  - the individual, the strength of an individual.

As the world is overwhelmingly filled with one-sided negative news and imagery by the media, I try to encourage by expressing values and to transport positivity on the canvas - not as a wishful thinking, more as defiance, but certainly as a clear decision. The 'Loops' symbol stands for interaction, connection, relationships; Fingerprints for individuality; Antlers and Horns for 'dualism' but also for change and spirituality.


Colors play an important role, as colors address feelings and therefore have therapeutic powers. Like the few symbols which I developed over the time, color works as a symbolic language. Acrylic paint became my medium.


" I am predominantly interested in 'inner psychological landscapes and portraits', the way to interpret them on canvas and achieving results."





Born in W-Germany and living in Canada.


Organized exhibitions and archived graphic works including Kaethe Kollwitz litographic prints and Rembrand edgings in a museum before getting my training. Studied art amongst others at the universities Essen and Muenster, Germany.

Also,and in order to intensify my interest in the arts, I visited events like the DOCUMENTA in Kassel and many galleries and museums in European cities as well as to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

M.A in Educational Sciences from the WWU, Muenster, Germany


1985 - 1995: private and public commissions, exhibitions, sales and first publications; also participations in additional workshops about lithographic print, nude drawing and watercolor painting.


1993 - member of the Berufsverband Bildender Kuenstler Westf. e.V. ( Association of Professional Artists /Plastic Arts) / Germany

1997 - Immigration to Canada with husband and three still very young children.


Since then - many national and international juried group shows as well as solo exhibitions.

I am working in my own studio.


2010 - 2015   AFCA  member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver.

2010 - Elected Member of the Society of Canadian Artists, Toronto, Canada.

2017 - Comox Valley Arts


I live and work in British Columbia, and my paintings have been sold to Europe, USA and in Canada.






Association of Professional Artists - The Plastic Arts ( Berufsverband Bildender Kuenstler Westf. e.V = BBK ), Germany

Society of Canadian Artists, Toronto, Canada

Comox Valley Arts






The painting "Eureka" was chosen for the Saatchi online gallery TOP TEN of the week Sept 1 - 7, 2009, by Rebecca Wilson / London

Also on the front page of Art Avenue magazine, Vancouver; May/June, 2010



AWARDS and Wins ::


2009   OPUS Bronce Award / Art Visions, Kelowna, BC/Canada

2009   Award of Excellence / FCA, Vancouver , Canada


2013   One of the winners ( 3 large paintings) of the "Vulnerability vs Strength" online exhibition, LINUS Gallery, Pasadena, California, USA


2017   One of the chosen distinguished artists for the "Orange" call of ArtAscent magazine, June 2017






"To be absolutely free to create without fear and formula heartens the soul
and opens the path to the joy of living."

-- Cesar Manrique --