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What's Going On?

1) Painting had been on hold for three years, but there is a solo exhibition coming at the TOSH Art Gallery in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island. Due to COVID 19, it had to be postponed until 2022.

2) My children's book got launched in December 2020:

"Of Bears at Fridges, Drinking Planes and Cinderella's Shoe", by Jordis Tumby (open pseudonym) is a children's book for 8-year-old ones and up, and for those who are young at heart.
What is it about?
What does a child in London have in common with the city of Dresden and Canada? What has a wizard to do with a blizzard? Are planes really able to drink? ...and what the heck are "pirate-mitts" Sammy is talking about.
The story is about the fear of changes coming with the unfamiliar and challenges, but adventure and fun are not held short. It starts with a huge "Bang!" and a stubborn 'NO!'. Will it end with a convinced 'Yes'? The end comes with a few surprises.


Available as an illustrated hardcover and paperback ( 3 images), in German and now in English.
The book can be found on goodreads, lovelybooks etc.

Can be ordered via Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and Barnes&Noble... and other online platforms.


Mein Kinderbuch "Von Baeren an Kuehlschraenken, Trinkenden Flugzeugen und Aschenputtel's Schuh", by Jordis Tumby ( offenes Pseudonym), ist veroeffentlicht. Es ist jetzt nicht nur als Hardcover UND Paperback erhaeltlich, sondern beides nun auch in Englisch.

Es ist ein Kinderbuch fuer Leser ab 8 Jahren und aelter, und fuer alle die, die im Herzen jung geblieben sind.

Ausgezeichnet mit dem CANADA BOOK AWARDS

Bestellbar u.a. online wie amazon.com, wie auch ueber die deutschsprachigen Buchlaeden in Deutschland, Oesterreich und in der Schweiz oder direkt von Tredition.de